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🦴These spooky sassy skeletons are looking for a couch to crash on! Be the first player to fill the couch seats with your skeletons by placing them according to their numbers.
🦴Quick and Easy to Learn - Each game takes only 5-10 minutes to play and less time to learn! Can be played by people of any age - kids, teens, and adults.
🦴Designed for Two Players - Perfect for a fun one on one game night for couples, families, and friends.
🦴Fits in the Palm of Your Hand - Its compact size makes it a popular choice for travel, camping, or as a stocking stuffer!
🦴Great Gift Idea - Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or a spooky celebration, Couch Skeletons is sure to be a unique and exciting gift.
🦴Bonus Cards - Includes bonus cards for Butts in Space and Beard Wizard card games!

Couch Skeletons

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