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Have the most sets of toilet paper when the game ends.


In order to play a set of toilet paper, the symbols must match your butt.


Don't get too comfortable. A power fart can shake things up, rotating the butts.


Action cards can help you out by drawing cards, swapping butts, and more.

Sabotage your friends with cards like Evil Butt to steal their toilet paper, and Confusion to shuffle everyone's hands together.

Protect yourself by wearing your lucky pair of underwear that prevents an effect.


The game ends when all seven spaceship parts have been drawn.


Oh No!

Evil Butt has stolen all of the toilet paper in the universe and destroyed your toilet spaceship. Play as Bow Butt, Hairy Butt, Classy Butt, and Butt Butt as you try to gather more toilet paper than your friends before your toilet spaceship is repaired. Shake things up by unleashing a mighty power fart. Protect yourself from harm by wearing your lucky pair of underwear. Distract your friends with the baffling boob butt, and stare longingly at your collection of cute toilet papers.

For 2-4 Players.  Ages 9+. Playtime 30-45 minutes.

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